2019 PC300G’s Annual BBQ

With the pending weather the administration decided to book a community hall in Wandi allowing our members the ability to be out of the rain and enjoy the company over a feed and drink. We have about 5 vehicles turn up at the hall directly to assist in setting up for the balance of members, after a couple of check in the numbers expected were lower than expected however come departure time a few more arrived. Ken was our team lead on this cruise and commenced as per the time table toward Wandi however taking the freeway route to assist in keeping the group together.

Upon arriving around half an hour later (and on time) we had a good group of cars come through, all parking up in the same car park ready for a feed, the quiet community hall was now a buzz as members old and new caught up for a good chat, the weather was ok with small rain session throughout the period however it was cold so the BBQ plate was struggling to get heat, we ended up moving the BBQ to the rear of the building and out of the wind and cold which soon had the good old sizzle sound again.

Heater on the go in one section and all the food kept in the second area along with tea coffee and drink the hot food just kept coming, it was great to see the number of people / families come out in the end considering the weather. I must thank the likes of Karen, Tiana, Mike, Danial and Matt who came earlier to help set up and thanks again to Karen for the clean up after, it was really appreciated.

I do hope those who attended once again enjoyed the day out, I think we need to revisit the dates for next year’s annual BBQ to try and beat the cold weather..